by Lightsucker

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Released by Argonauta Records


released March 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Lightsucker Lahti, Finland

Lightsucker consists of four suckers...

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Track Name: 1%
An unquestioned institution
absurd wealth distribution
money expanded, value burned
interest paid in every turn

Winners are already clear
Just performing the overkill
Living the american dream
Based on nothing but pure greed

1% owns the world
rest of us have to stay alert
they have deterrents the have the voice
We are slaves we don't have choice
You think that you work that much harder
You overvalue yourself and act like martyr

You think that you are so much smarter
You look at your possession and don't see any further
Track Name: Solitary Confinement
Solitary confinement, substance of life's end
Eclipse. Shit on the wall where maggots crawl
Mind... is crushing you from inside
Eating alive

Hunger strike, statement or apathy
Sunlight, just poetic hypocricy
Reality in a hole made of stone
Die in suffering, die alone

Solitary... Solitary confinement!

Methods of suicide your thoughts occupy
Asleep or awake, you can't define
Track Name: Control Zone
Slaves and machines
in a control zone
Despair and famine
no place called home

torture and humiliation
standard of everyday life
torment and mortification
ruthless quota; Someone's gotta die

they deprive your dignity
so they can bathe in vanity
your nemesis is a lifelong fight
against disregard for human rights

fugitives will be executed
and their families will be punished
charges will be undisputed
and traitors will be vanished

The control zone, you're on your own
all hope is lost long ago
Track Name: Doomsday Artillery
Chemical warfare abomination
Collateral damage of intervention
Destroying the whole generation
Double-edged sword penetration

Weapon industry
Raising the economy
Egoistic machinery
Doomsday artillery

Underneath the dust of ruins
No glimpse of sunlight
In search of drugs and fluids
Shelter from the gunfight

How much worth is human suffering
Depends on from how far you're observing
Track Name: Written While Stoned
No progress no amendments
Kneel before the pages
Words written while stoned

So many victims of higher power's dictums,
open to interpretation with the verbal decoration

Brush aside the ethics and humanity
Add machine gun and insanity
Forget the power of rationality
Add the executions and the ravages

Dedication of brain washed minds
Revelation of something divine
Track Name: All-out Reset
Buying themselves some time,
keeping the surface polished
Meanwhile deep inside,
foundation's been demolished

Keeping up appearances
To cover up the conspiracy
Forthcoming menace
Judgement day assemblage

They're smearing the ones who dare to doubt:
Tin foil hatters and new age crackpots.
System is neat but rotten inside
So stand out from the sheep flock

We need a revolution
Anarchy with conception
Destruction of a framework
All-out Reset
Track Name: Sulfur & Jimson Weed
Sacrificial bleeding
Alternative healing
Voodoo Priest's prayers
Sick man's deliverance

Master, trickster, Interpreter
Philanthropic sorcerer
Crooked cane and brown jeans
The spirit of New Orleans

Feed the fetish
With blood of a goat
And bring the chalice
Legba wants coke
Macabre ceremony
Skulls and bones
Someones agony
Another one's hope

Sulfur and jimson weed
Magic potion recipe
And the grain of mustard seed
To expel the enemy
Track Name: Aesthetics of Emptiness
Alone in a center
of expanding universe
when everything else
just meaningless
random materia

constant change
an infinite number
of different images

the entire spectrum
of psychedelic colors
turning into shades of gray
until pitch black

Dark matter
Attracting me
To vast void
with accelerating speed

Aesthetics of emptiness
dimming lights
the great nothingness
silent skies
Track Name: Continental Landmass Dictator
Piece by piece
Take back whats mine
Feast of the beast
Its dining time

Moving the borders
Past mountains and seas
Feral hordes
Standing behind me

Spreading the waves of fear
Propaganda in eastern hemisphere

Continental landmass dictator
Apocalyptic dominator

Under the blood red flag
The State of the world will birth
Iron curtain closed again
Giant leaders divide the earth

The fuse is burning
Peace offers I am spurning
The world war yearning
The mechanics of honor earning